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Creative Solutions

Look no further for creative solutions to your financings needs. A second mortgage can be structured to assist in many different use cases. It is important when finding a private lending option to understand the entire strategy. 

Insider Tip : "You can pre-pay your mortgage with existing equity to avoid monthly payments."



Bridge Financing

Are you in the process of buying and selling? A private second mortgage can help you ensure you have a deposit and/or down-payment ready for your new property.


Renovation Loan

Looking to increase your curb appeal, lifestyle or perhaps your rental property in order to get the best yield for your investment? A second mortgage might be right for you.

Insurance Consultation


Debt Consolidation

Are your high interest credit cards/lines of credit or auto loans creating a cash-flow pinch? A second mortgage can consolidate your debts into one simple monthly payment to relieve some pressure and not trigger refinance penalties. 


Emergency / Unexpected Expense

Have you lost your job, been laid off or encountered an emergency impacting your financial stability? A second mortgage can help provide you with short term cash to help you through tough times. No income/credit requirements are needed. 

Job interview
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